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Fresh RAM 5.0

Fresh RAM optimizes the physical memory of your PC, using various algorithms
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Fresh RAM is an application that will clean, optimize and free up your computer's memory. Memory is vital to the performance of your computer and therefore this software can help boost your system's performance. The application comes with a nice interface that dives directly into the options. To the left, there are the menus while the right side of the screen gives free access to settings area. System RAM Optimization menu is the first in the list and its screen makes available information such as optimization status, broken into categories (free memory percentage as well as physical amount and percentage of used memory, plus total amount of RAM available on the system).

Everything is automatic when it comes to RAM release. The engine has four gears, depending on the type of job you want to be done on the system. The Leakage Optimization choice is for a fast repair, Economic Optimization (quick RAM optimization) makes for a slightly more thorough operation, Medium Optimization (thoroughness level increases a notch) is the third option while Engine Optimization, which takes the most amount of time but is also the best, closes the list.

A visual display of RAM usage and availability is present in the screen displaying the status in two colors. Unfortunately, you cannot change them and the default has to do it for you. Left hand sidebar also contains the status of the system RAM and will be shown regardless of the menu you choose.

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